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Carla Sternberg Koch loves the world of nature and enjoys growing orchids in her greenhouse. She depicts wild and garden flowers and scenes of the woods around her New England home with a delicate and knowledegable touch.


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"Flowers are one of my very favorite watercolor subjects. I try to feel the way that they grow and reach towards the light, and then paint them in that vein. The variety of color, texture and form in the floral world is astonishing and always inspiring. I particularly love orchids, and grow a variety of them myself."


All images are copyrighted by the artist, Carla Sternberg Koch.


Gallery Garden

Pink Camelias

Pink Daisies

Pink Lotus

Butterfly on Pansies

Daffodil Oval

Peachy Irises

Large Blue Iris

White Iris

Wild Blue iris


Daisies and Butterlies

Red Field Poppies

Roses Study

Rugosa Roses


Cattails and Queen Anne's Lace


Pink Roses

Blue White Iris

Purple Iris

Pink Rose Vase

Many of these paintings are suitable for greeting or notecards and gift products.
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Single Rugosa Roses

Field of Irises

Roses and Heart

Lace and Roses

Red Roses and Ribbon

All images are copyrighted by the artist, Carla Sternberg Koch.